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I recently directed, developed and executive produced a 24-minute independent animation pilot called Klutz Muttz. I have written 2 pilots, Please, Kill Me and Debatably. I’ve been a social media producer for over 13 years, and an Emmy nominated web producer for The Ellen Show.

Please, Kill Me

3 best friends, 1 stalker. They could be the greatest punk band ever if they could only make bail.

That's Debatable

When moving to a small town results in culture shock, an intractable teen is forced to join her middle school debate team full of misfits and loners.

Klutz Muttz

Humiliated by his status as an Internet sensation, an adorable Pomeranian turns to crime to rebuild his reputation in the canine world.


Klutz Muttz

I directed, developed and executive produced this 24-minute animated pilot starring Olivia Olson, Richard Horovitz and Jim Cummings.

3D Bounty Hunter

This is my YouTube channel exclusively featuring content of 3D printed, obscure Star Wars items, along with related trivia. It is created, written, produced by, and starring myself.

H@ck 7h3 P1@n37

One of my favorite film genres is classic black and white silent era comedies. For one of my short films, I decided to recreate this style using an Arriflex 16mm camera. Angry Dave and Stoic Eric are two of the main characters in my pilot, Please, Kill Me. Written, produced and directed by myself.

The Good, The Bad, and the....

A black and white western style short film of mine, with a twist. Shot on an Arriflex 16mm camera. Written, produced, and directed by myself.

Technical Problems

What do you do when the first ever live video chat, that you set up, malfunctions on air during a live taping of The Ellen Show? You crawl behind some chairs and try to discretely fix it of course.


What’s in the barrel? Whatever it is, t’s probably not the smartest way to get rid of evidence. Written, produced, and directed by myself.


Still want to know more about me? Have any burning questions that just have to be answered right now? Send me a message, I love talking about myself.

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