Digital Security

It seems as though every other week there is a brand new “must use” social media site. First it was Friendster, then MySpace until Facebook came along and changed the whole landscape of social media. Then Twitter became the hottest site followed by Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, well you get the point. There are more social media sites than most of us can keep up with. Protecting your Brand these days has become harder and more time consuming.

My services provide you with management of all of those accounts. I will secure your brand name across all platforms, and prevent it from being impersonated. Social media has changed the way that entertainers can interact and reach their clients in an amazing way. The downside to it is, that entertainers can easile be impersonated and their fans can sadly be misled. I will get your accounts Verified and protected. If someone is impersonating you on Facebook or Twitter or any other site, we can have those accounts removed.

If there are photographs or other unauthorized information, I will work to get all of it removed from the web. Time is of the essence on these items though, because once something is on the internet, it’s most likely been saved immediately by someone and could be republished  However, I’ve had great success working with various sites to remove unauthorized photos, false or misleading stories about clients, and other sensitive information.

Everyone’s needs are different. These are just a few of the services I have provided actors from shows such as True Blood, Arrow, Community, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Chuck, 90210,  and more.

All of my work with clients is guaranteed to be 100% confidential.